New Layer, Next Generation

ADARA Networks offers a new class of advanced products engineered to solve today's most pressing business, IT, computing, and networking challenges.


  • Performance
  • Scalability
  • Availability
  • Extensibility
  • Security
  • Profitability
  • Interoperability
  • Virtualization
  • Federation

ADARA products are engineered for optimization, virtualization, and overall increased performance:

Products Overview
Constellation Series Full Stack Engines are optimization and acceleration gateways, delivering networking and computing at layers1 through 7 to improve access and delivery for all network and web-based content, services, and applications.
Apollo Series Access Point (End Point/Stand Alone) Router; no peer router is required. Provides Policy Based Dynamic Advanced Admission Control and Dynamic Multi-Layer Quality of Service through multiple, concurrent mechanisms for UDP, TCP and SCTP services, and more.
Comet Series Highest performance engine ever engineered, boasting performance increase to Full Line Rate for any service, amplifies Bandwidth to near-perfect utilization. ADARA Comet raises service velocity to Speed-Of-Light limits. Comet is the Affirmative Service Guarantee.
Echo Series User and management interfaces provide interoperability and a platform for real time application creation, provisioning, management, and deployment across domains, as well as visibility for monitoring and management.
Orion Series Cloud Computing and SOA engines to virtualize and manage intra-and inter-enterprise IT infrastructures, information operations, data sources, and services.
Gemini Series Full featured multicast routers for multimedia, using resilient multicast overlays to overcome service interruptions.
Sirius Series Fastest converging, most scalable network routers today. Natively multi-path, support for any services, any architecture.
Mercury Series Routing at Layer 7 to dramatically improve network access and delivery of all network and web-based services, content, and applications.
Taurus Series Ultra secure communication gateway platform for access interoperability, mission critical, and enterprise capabilities.
Horizon Series The ADARA Software Defined Networking Platform (SDN) is an open standards-based platform product that dynamically creates and delivers Cloud Computing, and other implementations of Software Defined Networking.
Hardware Platforms ADARA supports WAN, Branch, and Enterprise platforms to “right-size” our solutions to your needs and enable complete coordination among all infrastructure, applications, services, content, files, and users.

Introducing the ADARA Full Stack Engine

As part of the ADARA Constellation Series, the ADARA Full Stack Engine (FSE) is a first-of-its-kind IT platform that integrates every layer of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model and works concurrently at layers 1–7, creating the 8th Layer, to seamlessly integrate and virtualize:

  • Computing and network resources
  • Client systems
  • Applications and services
  • Content, files, and data

A paradigm shift in IT, the ADARA FSE extends the benefits of virtualization to all computing and networking, empowering customers to take advantage of hidden financial and operational opportunities.

Integrating the capabilities of the ADARA Mercury Series, Orion Series, Gemini Series, and Taurus Series into a single, hardened platform, the ADARA Full Stack Engine (FSE) is engineered to:

  • Optimize networks and services
  • Dramatically improve access and delivery for all network and web-based content, services, and applications

In addition, the ADARA FSE:

  • Eliminates the need for multiple devices
  • Delivers a complete solution in a single integrated platform
  • Deploys one simple platform to manage
  • Accelerates performance of all environments
  • Allows deployment in any edge, distribution, and core installation
  • Increases performance, scalability, availability, interoperability, extensibility, security, and most importantly, profitability